Stephen - San Jose September 2010
  • I was at the San Jose airport yesterday evening, returning home from my 24th trip to the bay area this year. Feeling a little hungry and having 45 minutes to spare, I decide to raise my cholesterol level and eat some Norman Mineta Airport food. I sidled up to the bar and ordered a steak sandwich and of course opted for a side of onion rings instead of the cottage cheese substitute. A pint Guinness was necessary, since the restaurant was called the Brit. The mistake - O-rings!

    Soon after my meal arrived, a portly 25ish year old gentleman, squeezed between me and another lonely traveler on the adjacent bar stool. Mr. Portly excused himself and said that he just wanted to order a beer. Sensing that he was a little big for the space, I slid my stool a few inches to make room. A moment later, he grabbed an O-ring, claimed he just wanted one, dipped it in my ketchup, and was out the door. All within 3 seconds.

    What the heck was I to do?

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