David - Romania September 2010
  • I’m in Romania. Not too much exciting is happening, although I did enjoy a meal with the Romanian Davis Cup team as my neighbour (team captain) is here ready for Romania’s games against Ecuador this weekend.

    Sadly I will not be in attendance!

    Nothing interesting has happened yet. Other than my mother had hip surgery. She’s doing “OK”. This is her second one. She went to a different hospital (closer to her home) this time but she wasn’t as happy with it overall. This one is a more traditional mainstream hospital, and the last one was a boutique hospital that catered to wealthy Arabs. So she didn’t get the same royal treatment! But at least she didn’t get woken up 5 times a day.

    Tomorrow I fly back to the UK on British Airways. There’s a real airline. They still serve meals, and free drinks. Even on domestic flights. There’s no way a BA air steward would launch the evacuation slide and head off with a 6-pack of coors lite. He’d have the entire cart full of those little bottles of whiskey. And he would have head-butted the unruly passenger first.

    So, Steve, Lee, if you arrive early enough Sunday you can catch the final interesting Davis cup matches. I recommend it. RON50 – about $12, and it’s near the Marriott.

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