David - Japan April 2012
  • An Ode to the Beer Dispensing Robot in the Red Carpet Club in Narita Airport

    How lovely to look forward to a layover
    On an otherwise miserable journey
    From steamy jungle to barren desert,
    Sodom and Gomorrah to Sonora.
    The amber nectar, precision poured
    With just the right amount of head,
    Makes the break a bit less miserable.

    Dreamed up by a neurotic alcoholic,
    Who hates the human touch,
    Designed in the skunkworks lab
    Of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, in Osaka;
    Made in China, like everything else,
    And used by weary travelers in search of solace
    In a glass of beer.

    Robots to give us beer!
    Is it live or dead?
    Has it thoughts within its head?
    I asked it how it was doing.
    It didn’t answer, except to offer
    A chilled glass, tipped at 35 degrees
    And cooled to the same.

    Precision machinery, touch screen display,
    Surgical cleanliness, it’s the Japanese way.

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