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  • Q: I am a financially independent, 19-32 year old female swimsuit model. I'd like to get in touch with one or more of The Dispensibles for reasons that are best not disclosed on this forum. How can I get in touch with you?

    A: This kind of question comes up a lot. As you can imagine, The Dispensibles place a high premium on our privacy. Most of us are in committed relationships, and the others are probably too selective for you to have much of a chance.
    If you still want to contact one of The Dispensibles, your best bet is to use the email links on the Team page. We're pretty busy though, so don't expect an answer.
  • The Dispensibles encourage inquiries from financially independent females. When emailing please include the following information:
    1) Torso length and width
    2) Thigh length from the hip joint to the knee
    3) Lower leg length from the knee to the ankle
    4) Arm length from the shoulder to the wrist
    Looking forward to meeting any interested party.

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